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The role of leadership in fostering corporate growth and responsibility has never been more important. The global pandemic, coupled with innovative technologies, market forces and compliance requirements are forcing the international business environment towards transformative changes.

This presents the need for leaders with the right competencies to drive transformative agendas within organizations across industries.

How an organization is run is dictated by its governance framework. Thus, for an organization to thrive, be transformative and nimble, it must establish a corresponding governance framework. A leader’s role in creating this framework is critical to the long-term success of the organization.

Our leadership and governance training provides leaders with the competencies and capabilities to lead their organizations effectively.

Upcoming Training Courses, Workshops and Webinars

The Leading Change Workshop

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The Business Transformation Workshop

Our business transformation program consists of consulting services with our Intelligent Business Design framework to help small and midsize businesses deliver their strategic objectives. Our framework is built around proven business practices, data-driven, customer-centric and…

Project Leadership, Governance & Communications

Leadership, governance and communications influence project management delivery in all organizations. In this training course, participants will be introduced to leadership structures, competencies…