Strategic Program and Project Management

Strategic Program and Project Management2021-02-03T11:24:26-08:00

Align Strategic Business Objectives with Project Management Strategy


The goal for most organizations is to advance its overall strategic objectives. In an ever-changing business landscape coupled with business disruptions and digital transformation, advancing strategic initiatives with project management processes to identify, manage and support projects through defined portfolios gives organizations the best chance of moving their goals forward.

To achieve success, organizations must align their objectives with strategic project management practices, establish its enterprise environmental factors and create organizational process assets. They must also strengthen their project governance and get buy-in from executives.

Designed for today’s executives, managers and project stakeholders in both private and public organizations, this workshop focuses on learning about your organization’s project management practices and processes to consistently deliver better project outcomes.

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Workshop Objectives

  • Defining the environment under which project management thrives.

  • Discuss Organization Process assets and how they mitigate risk, enforce compliance and increase project success.

  • Learn about project management governance structures. Organizations engaged in project-based execution need good governance, structure and support from company executives to be successful.

  • Get practical hands-on experience with modern tools and techniques, and learn how you can apply them immediately to improve project outcomes.

Practical Approaches

Get practical practices and processes that deliver your capital improvement projects successfully—deliver projects of all sizes to drive your strategic initiatives.

Systemic Risk Mangement

Reduce systemic risk and organizational bottlenecks in your project delivery by implementing methodologies and processes.

Prioritize Project Delivery

Engage in project-based execution of your strategic goals. Learn to break your strategic goals down into programs, portfolios and projects to execute projects where it matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can individuals register for this workshop?2021-01-22T16:44:50-08:00

This workshop is designed for companies and public sector agencies. At this time, individuals cannot register to attend this program. However, plans are underway to offer the training program to a limited number of individuals within selected cities.

How can I register for this workshop?2021-01-22T16:43:56-08:00

To register for the workshop, fill out the registration form on the web page. After registering, an evaluation from will be sent to you to get an understanding of your marketing practices, the technology platform that you are currently using and expected number people that will be attending the workshop.

What is the cost of the training program?2021-01-22T16:42:57-08:00

The cost of the training program depends on how many people are scheduled to attend, how many locations the workshop will take place and other factors. Costs will be established and communicated to you after the initial evaluation.

Where do you plan to organize this workshop?2021-01-22T16:41:56-08:00

The workshop will be organized in your corporate office or at a location of your choice.

Which marketing platforms do you support?2021-01-22T16:40:55-08:00

Currently, we work with the following software platforms:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We work with partners to extend the above platforms.

We are a public agency, how do we register for the workshop?2021-01-22T16:39:13-08:00

Please use the public agency form option on the registration page.

What materials do participants get from the program?2021-01-22T16:38:43-08:00

You will receive a participant packet with all the slides and exercises for the program prior to start of the workshop.

Does the cost of the program include training for the marketing platform that we are currently using?2021-01-22T16:41:19-08:00

No, the cost of the program is for the workshop only and does not include training or consulting services. Contact us if you need training for your marketing platform— currently we offer training for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Do you offer this training outside of the United States?2021-01-22T16:02:29-08:00

We offer this workshop in few countries besides the United States. International companies can request for this training and workshop using the form on the registration page.

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