Six Reasons Why You Should Train Your Workforce

Six Reasons Why You Should Train Your Employees


Today’s enterprise environment has evolved. Innovative technologies, increasing global competition and the shortage of both skilled and upper-level management staff and leaders mean that organizations must adapt to maintain their competitive edge to succeed. They must find ways to maintain, retool, train and motivate their workforce. Even, in the presence of AI and inundated technologies, the key to an organization’s success lies in the talent, skills and capabilities of its people.

“The key for the future of any country and any institution
lies in the talent, skills and capabilities of its people
Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of Work Economic Forum

Finding the right people with the right skill set, competences and capabilities is increasingly becoming difficult for organizations of all sizes in both developed and developing countries. The result is the high cost of hiring, inconsistencies in operations, lower productivity, customer complaints for some organizations and for others, loss of profitability and opportunities. These problems cuts across multiple industries. The solution lies in continuously engaging the right people through training and career development designed to make the employee identify with the organization, to exert themselves more on the organization’s behalf and to remain with the organization[i].

Many studies, experiments and research point to the positive correlation between employee training and organizational productivity. To demonstrate this, Frayne CA and Geiringer JM carried out a control-group field experiment to examine the impact of training on sales. 30 insurance salespeople at random and assigned to an experimental group that received self-management training. Their experiment revealed that those who received training in self-management skills significantly improved job performance as assessed through both objective and subject measures.

Performance improvement continued with time, and the increase were sustained across a 12-month period post training. Subsequent training of the control group produced similar increases in self-efficacy, outcome expectancy, and job performance[1]. This experiment, and others point to the enormous benefits of employee training.

Given the advantages of Workforce Training–Why Aren’t Organizations Training Their Employees?

Given the numerous studies pointing the benefits of employee trainingwhy then, aren’t firms engaging more in employee training? The challenge for many firms, especially small and midsize firms is that:

  1. Employee training is never a focus in an organization’s strategic goals. The strategic mission is usually product and customer focused.
  2. Lack of understanding of the benefits of employee training.
  3. Fear that trained employees may leave after being trained.

Many companies do not encourage internal training and for those who do, only few ever measure or have key measures in place to quantify the true benefits of employee training. Swanson (2001) found that, fewer than 5% of all training are assessed in terms of their financial benefits to the organization.

The Six Reasons

Organizations that engage in continuous training have a lot to gain. It has been established through research that the cost of the training is less than half of the benefits accrued. The following are some of the benefits organizations receive:

  1. Increased firm-level productivity
  2. Optimized employee potential
  3. Retaining the right people
  4. Better coordination and cooperation among employees
  5. Ability to build better succession for key positions
  6. Increased profitability

[1] Frayne CA, Geringer JM. 2000. Self-management training for improving job performance: a field experiment involving salespeople. J. Appl. Psychol. 85:361–72

[i] Amstrong 2009 Handbook of Human Resources Management

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