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Marketing Transformation2021-02-03T11:25:32-08:00

How do Businesses Acquire, Maintain and Delight More Customers?

Join us on this three-day workshop to explore modern marketing practices, the tools and technology platforms that are driving growth in successful businesses. Get hands-on experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, Sales and Customer Insights to experience the power of Dynamics 365 in modern marketing.

In the rapidly evolving, data-driven, customer-focused business environment, the role of marketing to provide the guiding philosophy for how a business will meet the wants and needs of its customers has never been more important. Schedule an appointment with our marketing team today.

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Workshop Objectives

  • Explore the role and function of marketing in the ever changing customer-oriented business environment. We will examine how to create deeper customer relationships that improve loyalty and capture more lifetime value from your customers.

  • Examine your marketing strategy in the face of changing customer expectations and access to information. Revisit your core business values and align your marketing strategies to your business’ unique value proposition.

  • Learn how to manage customer data to deepen relationships and earn your customers’ trust by respecting their privacy, while adhering to information security compliance regulations, such as GDPR.

  • Get practical hands-on experience with modern tools and techniques, and learn how you can apply them immediately to grow your business.

Clearer Marketing Vision

You will get clear vision of your marketing objectives and be able to create marketing strategy that aligns with your overall strategic objectives.

Deepen Customer Relationships

Get a better understanding of your markets, customers’ wants and needs and learn how to create value by developing customer-focused marketing strategies for target markets.

Real-Life Case Studies

Get access to real-life case studies and practical applications of marketing strategy, customer engagement and customer insights using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can individuals register for this workshop?2021-01-22T16:44:50-08:00

This workshop is designed for companies and public sector agencies. At this time, individuals cannot register to attend this program. However, plans are underway to offer the training program to a limited number of individuals within selected cities.

How can I register for this workshop?2021-01-22T16:43:56-08:00

To register for the workshop, fill out the registration form on the web page. After registering, an evaluation from will be sent to you to get an understanding of your marketing practices, the technology platform that you are currently using and expected number people that will be attending the workshop.

What is the cost of the training program?2021-01-22T16:42:57-08:00

The cost of the training program depends on how many people are scheduled to attend, how many locations the workshop will take place and other factors. Costs will be established and communicated to you after the initial evaluation.

Where do you plan to organize this workshop?2021-01-22T16:41:56-08:00

The workshop will be organized in your corporate office or at a location of your choice.

Which marketing platforms do you support?2021-01-22T16:40:55-08:00

Currently, we work with the following software platforms:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We work with partners to extend the above platforms.

We are a public agency, how do we register for the workshop?2021-01-22T16:39:13-08:00

Please use the public agency form option on the registration page.

What materials do participants get from the program?2021-01-22T16:38:43-08:00

You will receive a participant packet with all the slides and exercises for the program prior to start of the workshop.

Does the cost of the program include training for the marketing platform that we are currently using?2021-01-22T16:41:19-08:00

No, the cost of the program is for the workshop only and does not include training or consulting services. Contact us if you need training for your marketing platform— currently we offer training for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Do you offer this training outside of the United States?2021-01-22T16:02:29-08:00

We offer this workshop in few countries besides the United States. International companies can request for this training and workshop using the form on the registration page.

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