Leading Change Workshop

Change is inevitable if organizations are to transform their business models to meet changing market conditions, disruptions, customer expectations and regulatory compliance

Program Summary

Change is a significant part of organizational life. To become effective, organizations must adapt to the larger changing business environment, customer changing preferences, changes in technology and social norms. They must also change in response to market competition, to enter new markets or to seek other revenue sources.

But change can be difficult for organizations as they must sometimes do away with old processes and systems and get groups and individuals to buy in. Only 54% of change initiatives succeed, according to a 2013 survey by Strategy & Katzenbach (PWC). The survey reinforces the difficulty in change initiatives. But change is inevitable if organizations are to transform their business models to meet changing market conditions, disruptions, customer expectations and regulatory compliance. To drive successful change initiatives, organizations need effective leaders who can involve the organization in identifying, implementing, managing and sustaining critical change initiatives to meet both short-and long-term goals.

Designed for today’s businesses and organizations, the Leading Change Workshop focuses on developing leaders who can effectively lead transformation and change during difficult times. Leadership is critical to successful organizational change. As John P. Kotter once wrote “Transformations often begin, and begin well, when an organization has a new head who is a good leader and who sees the need for a major change. If the renewal target is the entire company, the CEO is key. If change is needed in a division, the division general manager is key. When these individuals are not new leaders, great leaders, or change champions, phase one can be a huge challenge.”

Who is this program designed for?

  • HR Managers
  • Business Leaders
  • Group Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Project Managers

Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate executive core qualifications associated with leading change. We will explore core qualifications required to bring about strategic changes, both within and outside or the organization to meet short-and long-term goals.

  • Identify major forces and conditions driving the need for change in organizations in general, and their respective departments. We will examine key stages of organizational changes, economic and social forces driving the need for major changes in organizations and other triggers.

  • Define current state, desired state and gaps that need be addressed by their change project, and pin down a specific entry point that the change will focus on.

  • Anticipate possible responses from players and stakeholders to change management, and identify ways of addressing them.

Learning Outcome Statement

  • At the end of the session, participants will be able to use change tools and resources in establishing organizational vision to implement strategic change, both within and outside of the organization to meet organizational goals in a continuously changing environment.

  • Participants will get a better understanding of why change is important to organizational growth and how to relate processes, technology and people in change management.

  • Understand and know how to lead their department and motivate their group, department, or organization for growth.

Program Schedule

Day One

  • Introduction and Setting of Expectation

  • Leadership vs. Management

  • Executive Core Qualifications on Leading Change

  • Change Perspective

  • Entry Point for Change

  • Key Stages of Organizational Change

  • Responses to Changes

  • Change Communication

  • Roles and Responsibilities for Change

Day Two

  • Management of Learning

  • Change Communication Workshop

  • Identifying Effective Communication Channels

  • Common Obstacles to Change

  • Change Management Models

  • Leaders Role in Managing Change

  • Managing Emotions in Change

  • Celebrating and Continuing Change

  • Tools and Resources

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