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We provide expertise in project delivery and help our clients deliver better results from their Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) in aviation, transportation, treatment plants and more. We provide advisory, training and technology consulting services to owners, managers and contractors within building environments.

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Training & Development

We work with construction companies to increase their workforce competences in construction management, project controls and leadership though our Built to Build and other training programs.

Construction Management Support

We provide cost consulting, scheduling and project controls and systems to support Capital Improvement Programs (CIP) in aviation, transportation, treatment plants, etc.

Cloud Services

We will help you move your legacy applications to Azure cloud so you can access your applications anytime, anywhere within a secure environment.

Security & Compliance

Secure your workplace with Azure security to protect your organization and projects against cyber threats, insider risk and other threats.

Security, Innovations and Storage on the Azure Cloud

The Microsoft Azure cloud offers you storage, data management, virtual machines and the platform to manage and scale your construction operations.

Blogs and Insights

Conceptual Estimating for Building Works

Conceptual estimates are critical to the success of capital improvement programs, resource allocation and general construction projects.

5 Reasons to Validate the Owner’s Project Cost Estimates Early

Only 57% of all projects finished within their initial budget last year, according to an annual survey from the Project Management Institute (PMI)’s 2019 Pulse of the Profession—the global survey of project management practitioners.

Empower Your Workforce with Relevant Training

Provide your workforce with leadership, management and technical training that add value to your organization and their careers.