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Danquah Group and Microsoft technologies enable better outcomes for faculty members, educators and students. Begin your digital transformation with secure, easy-to-use Microsoft Surface devices, Surface Pen and Microsoft Classroom Pen accessories and Microsoft 365 Education with Microsoft Teams for Education that suit every need, budget and learning style.

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Microsoft Surface for K-12

Support Remote Learning
Enable effective remote learning and equip teachers to deliver superior lessons and student engagement with Microsoft Surface for K-12 devices and accessories.

Reduce Distraction
Immersive Reader helps students retain more of the information they read by engaging them visually and reducing distractions. This is especially helpful for learners with attention deficit disorders.

Advanced Data Protection and Security
Surface devices come with high data protection and high security standards, which allow IT administrators to maintain visibility of, and control of all the school’s devices, as well as manage deployment remotely.

Microsoft Surface for Higher Education

Work Anytime, Anywhere in a Secure Environment
Microsoft Surface for Higher Education offers a versatile portfolio of devices to help higher education professionals do their best work from any location.

Mobility and Adaptability
Students can use their device in the way that works best for them. Surface devices can be held, perched on a desk or counter, or laid flat on a lap or table. Certain models offer LTE to give students equal access to remote learning, even without a solid wi-fi connection.

Works Seamlessly with Windows 10 and Microsoft 365
Surface integrates seamlessly with familiar Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Education, giving educators and students the productivity tools they need to teach and learn.