Good estimates are essential for infrastructure planning, construction management, capital improvement planning, resource allocation, and strategic decision making. It is relied upon by both private and public enterprises to assess the viability of their Capital Improvement Programs (CIP), budgeting, and resource planning.  Estimating is used widely across multiple industries, even though methods, formats and assumptions vary from industry to industry, and from projects to projects.

But those in the industry are aware of the challenges in establishing and managing the cost of their projects. Cost overruns, and schedule delays pose challenges to delivering successful programs.

Establishing good estimates require careful consideration of owner requirements, scope of work, market conditions, potential risk to the program, and many other factors. It also requires the estimating team to be well versed in the process and methodology of program execution. For instance, an estimator for a construction project need to understand construction methods, and processes

At Danquah Group, we understand how important good estimates are to you and your team and will work with you to establish, manage and control the cost of your capital program. Our estimates and reports are based on objective assessment of your program. We employ industry wide best practices and have the tools and techniques to help you deliver better results and better performances.

Our expertise in planning and budgeting services rely on the experiences of professionals in economics, accounting, management and engineering to provide project budgets and fiscal budgets that are traceable and defensible. Whether in construction, technology, finance, or in any program, our approach is the same. We start with understanding the requirements, and then translating those requirements into budgets through series of processes including quantity surveying/data collection, and analysis before drawing defensible, traceable conclusions.

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