Optimize Your Cloud Resources with Azure

Organizations have leveraged application development, AI, data and analytics, security and governance cloud computing services to develop internal capabilities, transform existing business models and generate new sources of revenue. Get the tools, technology and training to rebuild and transform your business.

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Secure Your Cloud Investment with Microsoft Security

Assess your cloud resources in Azure, on-premises and even in hybrid and multicloud environments to minimize the chance of security breaches threatening your organization.

Get Scalable, Secure Cloud Storage

Data storage is a critical feature of any application or workload. Get durable, highly-available, scalable and secure cloud storage for your workloads.


Migrate, Manage & Analyze Data Across Your Hybrid Cloud

Get extensive hybrid cloud management functionality that extends to your on-premise data center. Get migration tools, networking tools, single sign-on (SSO) and identity management and hybrid storage devices that can be deployed on-premises.


Cyber Security for Healthcare

Secure your Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) with Microsoft Identity Protection, Azure Storage and Azure Key Vault.

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Microsoft Surface Devices

Enable remote work arrangements with Microsoft Surface devices with built-in security features. Get zero touch deployment with Windows AutoPilot, included in Microsoft 365 for Business. Reduce your IT infrastructure costs with device-as-a-service monthly subscriptions.

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Productivity & Collaboration

Get Microsoft productivity and collaboration tools to work anywhere, anytime. Upgrade from Office 365 Business to Microsoft 365 for Business and get better security to protect your customers’ and employees’ personal data.

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